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Perfect Pianos Private Studio

We offer years of experience in training our clients in technical studies, music theory, sight-reading, and performance practices rooted in the classical tradition.

Years of Experience

Elizabeth Cobbins holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Piano Performance and a Masters of Secondary Education. In addition, she is certified by the State of Louisiana Department of Education to teach vocal, instrumental, and talented music.

Technical Studies

Students enrolled for private piano or vocal studies are driven to complete playing the sixty exercises in The Virtuoso Pianist by Hanon; and/or Lutgen Vocalises Book I, 20 Daily Exercises.

Music Theory

Our music theory lessons are provided in one-on-one lectures. Music vocabulary and fundamentals are provided in application with selected pieces of study. Music theory concepts are also reinforced through sequenced study with Music Ace I and II software.


Routine sight-reading is necessary in learning to read music. Each student works from a method book from which most sight-reading assignments are studied. Students are expected to practice sight-reading assignments after each weekly lesson.

Performance Practices

Each student is encouraged to participate in the local festivals and competitions. The Tourgee DeBose National Piano Competition is a great venue to perform on stage. Our students are annually groomed for this contest and its surrounding events. Recitals and performance events are provided for voice students annually.

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Piano Education Research

There is an undeniably strong correlation between music education and the development of skills that children need to become successful in life: self-discipline, patience, sensitivity, coordination, and the ability to memorize.